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Advertise with us

Our advertising is featured within select sections of the Adzguide website. Advertisers who want to advertise must ensure their ads meet our minimum principles for advertising.

Available magazines for advertising:

Why advertise in our publications:

We print over 190 000 copies of our publications monthly.

  1. Adz Guide - 80 000 copies.
  2. Old Main Line A5 - 20 000 copies.
  3. Old Main Line A4 - 20 000 copies.
  4. Bluff - 10 000 copies.
  5. Pinetown - 20 000 copies.
  6. Phoenix - 20 000 copies.
  7. Amanzimtoti - 20 000 copies.

Get your advert in our featured adverts list:

To get your advert on our featured adverts list your advert should meet the following requiremnets:

  1. You have to place your advert in our printed Adzguide publication.
  2. Your advert will only be listed online in the same same month as it appears in our printed publication.
  3. Your advert has to be a minimum of half page size in the Adz Guide publication. (See sizes here)
  4. Adverts signed for more inserts will appear closer to the top.
  5. Sign up for 1 year publication inserts and get your advert shown in the first 3 with a picture of your advert as seen on the right.
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