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Reach more than 160 000 adults each month with the Adzguide Magazine!!!

The Adz Guide is the primary source of advertising and information in one in the Kwazulu Natal advertising market.

Kwazulu Natal is has one of the largest markets in South Africa. The way to capture this dynamic, lucrative market is with the Adz Guide Magazine. The Adz Guide reaches nearly three out of five adults in the Larger Kwazulu Natal area.

  • The Adz Guide is a monthly advertising magazine which has a current circulation of +/- 80 000 copies monthly.
  • The Adz Guide is a direct to the public magazine read by approximately 165 000 readers (+/-2 per household), thus insuring that your advertisement reaches an optimum market for your product or service, insuring that your business owns one of the finest markets in Kwazulu Natal.
  • Distributed by local Post Office the Adz Guide is readily available to your target customer market in their home post box thus ensuring that it is direct to their home.
  • Being a high gloss high quality A4 magazine, the Adz Guide ensures your advert will be seen by all that takes the time to peruse through the publication.

The Adz Guide magazine has been running for many years and providing the business owner with suitable advertising for his / her business throughout all those years and years to come. We provide a reliable service with friendly staff and excellent distribution.

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See the online Adz Guide magazine here.


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